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Peter Lindbergh

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Peter Lindbergh
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writing a 750 – 1,000 word essay on Peter Lindbergh (photographer) .

The paper should consist of a biography, a critical analysis of the photographer’s work, and your own personal response and interest to the work.

A critical analysis should include the meaning and intent of the photographs found out through your research and your own observations and interpretation. What do you think the photographer was trying to achieve? Why? Did they succeed?

also in how you respond to the photographer. Do they make you questions certain assumptions? Make you aware of things that you were unaware of?

Talk about specifics. Maybe pick one particular photograph to talk about a bit in length. Describe the photo and why you think its effective.

Think of this essay as you personally responding to an artwork. It can be an emotional or intellectual (or both) response. Write about what it is about this particular photographers work that really resonates with you.

Be sure to include:

  • Relevant biographical information. Make sure to keep this brief. The majority of your paper should be your personal response to the work.
  • Talk about the meaning and the content of the work, both from your research and your own critical interpretation.
  • Describe what drew you to this particular photographer. What is it about their images and process that you find intriguing?
  • Are there images you find more compelling then others? Are there images that perhaps you disagree with or find hard to understand? Expand on this.
  • Talk about pivotal images and bodies of work in the photographers career.