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Philosophy of Practice for dental hygienist

I’m studying for my Philosophy class and need an explanation.

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Philosophy of Practice for dental hygienist
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i need at least 3 pages double spaced

please refer the file uploaded files for more information needed

Philosophy of Practice Checklist

Incorporate as many of the following areas as appropriate for your own Philosophy of Practice – you may also add to this list – see below. app

Highlight these words in your paper; At least 25 of these or other appropriate words, identified below

Ethics terminology

Justice Veracity

Beneficence Autonomy

Nonmaleficence Informed Consent

Tally of words

Code of Ethics

Privacy Confidentiality Recordkeeping

Standard of Care

New technologies

6 roles of DH

Strengths Mutual respect

Stress mgmt Flexible

Communication Attention to detail

Organized Friendly

Dependable Empathy

Flexible Professionalism

Challenges Self-motivated


Team player Active listening

Attitude Collaborative

Office policies

Constructive feedback

Help others

Cont Ed / lifelong learner

Evidence-based practice/scientific evidence


DH process of care


cultural competency


Individualized care

You may add other words/topics; indicate them here:

Tips for Success:

Tenses: if using “ing”, it indicates it is currently occurring; if in the past, typically use “ed”. Paragraphs should be written in the same tense throughout the paper. This paper is written as though you are already doing these things (Clinic III) – do not use “I will…” instead use I am, or I (add present tense verb here)

Run-on sentences occur when listing more than 3 items in a sentence. Example: My work ethic includes justice, beneficience, autonomy, nonmaleficence and veracity. A better choice: I demonstrate beneficience and nonmaleficence while providing dental hygiene services which puts the patients’ comfort and needs first.

No more than one “I” per paragraph.

Visit the SWC Writing Center to review your work. Also available online! They typically will help you with one specific concern at a time, not all aspects of the document at once, so see them early & frequently!