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PJM330 Effective Project Scheduling and Control Simulation discussion 250-300 words and required citations (APA)

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PJM330 Effective Project Scheduling and Control Simulation discussion 250-300 words and required citations (APA)
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As you will read below, this Sim Discussion although pretty short, is a small part of a much larger project. I have therefore attached the previous discussion posting and an essay with excel worksheet that was turned in last week as part of this project.

Once a tutor has been selected I will give detailed instructions on how to access the simulations completed for your reference. Thank you

If you have any questions please let me know.


  • Chapter 6, Section 6.1; Chapter 10, & Chapter 21, Section 21.8 in Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling
  • Part 1: Chapter 5 & Part 1. Section 4.6 in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)


  • Chapter 11 in Fundamentals of Project Management

Module 3: Sim Discussion

1 1 unread reply. 1 1 reply.

Sim Discussion (15 Points)


The simulation you are completing as part of your Portfolio Project is used to apply your expanding knowledge of project management. In Weeks 1-6 you will participate in a discussion about your experiences with the simulation; altogether, your participation in these discussions is worth 90 points of the 350-point project, so it is important that you engage in the weekly conversations.

In this Week 3 Sim Discussion, complete and share your experiences with the previous lesson, Lesson 2: Planning. Specifically, address the following items:

  • Identify, integrate, and cite a project management concept related to planning that is discussed in one of the two course textbooks in your response.
  • Include in your discussion how the Gantt chart is useful to you as Project Manager of the simulated project.

Your post must include the course textbook you have selected in the References, and the concept from it that you have selected must be specifically cited using at least one in-text citation in the body of your post. In addition, make sure to include specific details about your interaction with the material in the simulation.

Note from the professor:

For Lesson 2, you will be facing questions on understanding the project needs based on requirements documents. This includes the following:

  • Who will you contract with for the localization? You need to look at things like quality, cost, and schedule in terms of the needs of the project (what is the most important and least important of the next bullet)
  • There are 3-4 elements that PM studies discuss as the requirements of a project (Triple Constraint concept). There is Budget, Schedule, and Scope (with a 4th being quality in some PM circles). With that said, how would you rank them in priority (lowest to highest)? This will then give you a better understanding of what you need to balance going forward.
  • From a WBS perspective, what do you track for financial reporting? Think of how the WBS is structured and what you track for a WBS (i.e. what is a WBS at the lowest level?).

Note from the professor:

Hi there, class.

Between emails received this week and performance by the class so far, I wanted to reach out to discuss the simulation more.

1) There is a very low (lower than average) score on the

questions/decisions for the simulation. The information on these items

are what I cover in my initial discussion posts for each forum. Make

sure you are finding the items from the PMBOK and Kerzner text (all of

the concepts are based on these types of sources). Do not go off of your

own experience.

2) How you perform in the decisions in the simulation (especially

Lessons 2&3) will impact the rest of your project. Make sure you are

taking the time to think through answers since a poor decision can have

impacts on your schedule or budget later on.

3) If you have questions, ask in the forum or email me. I cannot help if you are not asking the questions.

4) People are making statements that their grade is shot in the class

because of the simulation. Please note that the score in the simulation

is not transferred into the course. Instead, it is used as a guide on

how your Module 7 and Module 8 papers are graded. If you score 90% in

the simulation and cannot explain why, that is how you will get marked

down. If your simulation was 50% but you can explain how your actions

impacted your score and what concepts apply to it, then you will have a

better grade on your paper. You have to be able to identify when your

actions had adverse results and how that applies to the concepts in the