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Please follow all instructions for the assignment in the Assignment tab and upload prior deadline.

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Please follow all instructions for the assignment in the Assignment tab and upload prior deadline.
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Note: The NutritionCalc Plus diet analysis assignment is not due until after we have covered chapter 9 material. Prior to this, I encourage you to play around with the program and become familiar with how it works.



NutritionCalc Plus Diet AnalysisInstructions_3-20-17.docx


Click on link below to take you to the NutritionCalc Plus login page. You will login as a student. If you have any trouble logging in to Connect’s NutritionCalc Plus, please contact Connect Customer Support at: 1-899-331-5094

http://nutritioncalc3.mheducation.com/ncplus3/ (Links to an external site.)

You must SUBMIT this assignment under the “Submitting NutritionCalc Plus Diet Analysis link” in the NutritionCalc Plus Diet Analysis Assignment module before the deadline.

No late submissions will be accepted so please do not leave until the last minute. This assignment takes time and work.

This assignment will be automatically reviewed by VeriCite which is a Canvas function for detecting plagiarism upon submission.

How your NutritionCalc Diet Analysis will be graded:


This grading rubric will be completed by Professor Garrity and attached to your grade. Please read carefully what to include on each slide.


Points Possible

Points Received/Comments

All Daily Reports e-mailed to instructor


Slide 1: After viewing the Bar Graph Report, display which nutrients you consumed that were less than 80% of your DRI goal in table format.


Slide 2: Display which nutrients you consumed that were more than 100% of the DRI goal in table format.


Slide 3: Which specific foods could you include to raise your inadequacies (only if it is beneficial to increase)? State each nutrient (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and food(s) to correlate.


Slide 4 (a,b,c,d…etc): Which foods contributed to the overages in nutrients? Is it helpful or harmful to be over in these nutrients? Show this. You MUST address ALL of the nutrients. Reading your text first is essential in answering these questions. Note: this will take more than 1 slide to complete this section.


Slide 5: Display your calorie intake from the Bar Graph Report compared to the recommended calorie intake.


Slide 6: If figures are very different, what is the reason (bullet points)?

What contributed to the discrepancies in recommended versus achieved with calories consumed (bullet points). Be thorough in all possible explanation of differences.


Slide 7: How many pounds would you expect to gain or lose if the figures were accurate? Show equation/math to prove your point. See section 7.1 energy balance in chapter 7


Slide 8: Are you actually losing or gaining weight? If not, why? Remember, 3500 calories=1 pound.


Slide 9: From the Spreadsheet Report list in a TABLE FORMAT, your 3 HIGHEST food sources for all of the 10 nutrients: Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Folacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.


Slide 10. From the Calories & Fat Report display the percent of calories from Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat and Alcohol compared to the recommended percentages in your text in table format . For example, 45-65% of total calorie intake should be from carbohydrates per expert recommendations.


Slide 11: Demonstrate your understanding of the health importance with proper ratios (percentages of protein, carbohydrate and fats) of these major nutrients with bullet points explaining your differences or similarities to recommended percentages in our text.


Spelling, grammar, punctuation


Total points received/100:

Please follow all instructions for the assignment in the Assignment tab and upload prior deadline.

Be sure to attach your PowerPoint before hitting the “Submit Assignment” button.

Instruction video for how to upload an assignment in Canvas can be found here

See attachment below for how the assignment will be graded.