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Please see the entire question below

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Please see the entire question below
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Provide responses to the ten questions listed below.

To respond to the questions, you will need to place the answers in your own words. Do not cut and paste from any source, yet do provide a citation after each question that tells where you researched your information. There will be no credit given for a question that has been cut and pasted or that does not have a citation immediately after the question.

1. Name three channel intermediaries and describe their functions.

2. Describe four types of non-store retailing.

3. Describe in detail the retailing mix.

4. Review and describe an article that covers the role of promotion in the marketing mix.

5. Discuss the key differences between relationship selling and transactional selling.

6. List and explain the steps in the selling process.

7. Describe the social media tools in a marketer’s toolbox and how they are useful.

8. List and explain the three categories of pricing objectives.

9. Explain the role of demand in price determination.

10.What are cost-oriented pricing strategies? Name and explain them.