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Please write a 150 word peer response for Answer 1 and another 150 word peer response for Answer 2.

Can you help me understand this Business question?

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Please write a 150 word peer response for Answer 1 and another 150 word peer response for Answer 2.
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Answer 1

As we all know that every organization faces the various type of problems while operating the market. Now when the time comes for an organization to expand their business and start operating in the international market. Then they also have in their mind that they will be facing a lot more problems than it was before while continuing the business in a small market.

Here in this content, we will talk about some of the ethical problems faced by organizations that operate globally.

If we talk about some of the ethical factors that will affect the operations of the organization then some of the key aspects are trust and integrity, child labor, the political arena, human rights, bribery and corruption and many more.

There are many more aspects like cultural issues can also be an example of ethical problems caused to the organizations. When the company is working and continuing their operations in different parts of the globe then they will have to face various kinds of cultural issues related to various kinds of race and culture in the different parts of the globe. The organization runs their business in different parts of the world where they have to deal with different kinds of people. There are many special religious holidays which the organization has to consider to those specific places only. Due to which the company has to bear a sum amount of loss sometimes.

Another aspect unlike the cultural part there is gender. This can be a major problem in many of the countries. There are still many places where it is considered that the women are not capable of working for some organization. But there may be some of the pre – existing female employees, who are more than capable of doing their jobs.

We can also consider supervisor oversight as an ethical threat to the organization. As the network keeps on increasing day by day, the supervisors of the organization gets a loads of tension and pressure on their head. Sometimes it is very much impossible for the supervisors to coordinate among the employees from different parts of the world.


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Answer 2

Going global is more than financial prowess and economic breakthrough. Business and trade are a special frontier that tests every organizational structure and system policies. The world is battling with uncertainties and tough times in the quest for globalization. Conventionally, incorporations and business organizations entering a foreign environment must successfully respond to licenses, registrations, and governmental approvals. The world has changed and organizations investing in global markets are facing legitimacy and abysmally rapt questions of ethical, moral attributions. Away from that, ethics has been a gigantic and breathtaking hurdle of much international business (Kolk, 2016).

Corruption and inappropriate favors have enveloped the landscape of internationalization. Global business corruption has been fueled by the accelerated transition to the global trade phase of the final 20th century decades (Kolk, 2016). With the growth and development of global trade, many businesses have turned overseas to access supplies, partnership deals, consumers and raw materials. The increased interactions have cleared the grounds for corporations to ethical malpractices. Illegitimate and unlawful payoffs and incentives are common. Organizations have colluded with respective authorities in their new market and country targets. “Business gifts” are offered by the powerful business moguls to get favors from the authorities in the foreign country. A good example is the Walmart case in Mexico. The scandal saw a whopping $24million exchanged for favors to have Walmart stores in Mexico (Wettstein et.al, 2019).

Environmental degradation and pollution are issues of ethical magnitude for global businesses. In some cases, the host country is under inferior environmental regulations compared to the home state. Most companies have exploited the values of environmental protection (Wettstein et.al, 2019). The exploitation of resources by foreign companies has exposed the environment to severity. For example, Oil companies in Nigeria, ethical values attached to the environment are violated. Other key aspects of ethics linked with global businesses include unmet social corporate responsibility, rationality erosion, improper recruitment strategies and cultural degradation of the home communities (Kolk, 2016).


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