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power point fixes on this assessment

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power point fixes on this assessment
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#1 Apply ethical principles and standards to ethical dilemmas.

CRITERION: Ethical Concerns: Apply ethical standards to ethical concerns pertaining to the case scenario.

Faculty Comments:

Applies at least two ethical concerns with the case scenario and minimally applies ethical standards to the concerns. Good job discussing the ethical concerns that you have related to this case scenario. Ethics should always be in the forefront of your mind in our field because we have access to vulnerable populations. It would have been best if you had identified the specific standards that applied to the case and then applied it.

#2 Biases: Describe one’s past or present biases toward others of different cultures.

Faculty Comments:

Minimally describes at least one past or present bias toward others of different cultures and/or strategies for improving one’s cultural competency related to bias is not discussed. Self-awareness through honesty, depth, variety, detail, and/or nuance is lacking.

You did a great job discussing your biases; however, you didn’t do a great job of providing a strategy to address them. Knowing your cultural loopholes will help you be a better psychologist/counselor because you will be more aware of when you are on a slippery slope.