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PPT about The Medical Surge Capacity and Capability document

I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

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PPT about The Medical Surge Capacity and Capability document
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The Medical Surge Capacity and Capability document written by Dr. Barbera and his colleagues is the de facto comprehensive document on ramping up healthcare assets in the US to respond to a disaster.

It can be found on the US Department of Health and Human Services website at this address:

http://www.phe.gov/coi/Documents/MSCC Handbook – A Management System for Integrating Medical and Health Resources During Large-Scale Emergencies.pdf

The document describes a systematic approach for managing the medical and public health response to an emergency or disaster. The MSCC handbook identifies recent changes to the Federal emergency response structure, particularly the Federal public health and medical response. It also expands on several concepts described in the first edition of the MSCC handbook to facilitate their implementation. While the tiered approach described in this handbook is consistent with NIMS and the NRP, this revision addresses terminology and concept descriptions to assure consistency with Federal guidance.”

Assignment: Prepare a slideshow in which you summarize ONE chapter or tier of MSCC (as assigned). Employ other internet resources, the DHHS website, photos and any other elements to provide examples about your assigned chapter. By reading all of the submissions, you will learn about the MSCC document without having to read the entire thing word for word.

Minimum of 8 to 10 slides