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Presentation post

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Presentation post
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1. Read the article IT Doesn’t Matter (Links to an external site.). Provide an argument counter to the article and give an example of how IT does matter and can deliver business value. Be specific. Include a link for your examples.

2. Create a PowerPoint presentation showing all of the technologies that you use as an online student at WilmU. Make sure you include hardware, like PCs/Macs and various mobile devices. Also, include your home network and systems like WebCampus and Blackboard. Include software that you need for classes like MS Office, MS Visio, and MS Project, or other software. In your PowerPoint, visually depict which hardware and software are interconnected. Include a final slide with the technology standards for new students, if they are going to buy new software, a new wireless home router, or a new PC/Mac, tablet or smart phone. This website shows an example of technology standards: Drexel Computer Requirements website (Links to an external site.). Make sure your recommended standards are not overly rigid, but represent what students really need.