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Problem-Solution essay

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Problem-Solution essay
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Using sources that I give you, write an essay that argues in favor of ONLY ONE solution to the problem that you are researching.

Length: 1200-1500 words (the length does NOT include your sources page).


–Introduction– describe the U.S traffic

–3 disadvantages about traffic problems ( need example)

People waste plenty of time and money on the traffic problems

The U.S have no enough public transportation, people prefer like to use private car

The government have to use lots of fiscal revenue to develop the traffic

— 1 advantage about traffic problems (need example)

It lead the populated area to develop, it a evidence that prove the cities have strong vitality

— solution of traffic problems (build a high-speed railway from where to where)

As the U.S. government, especially some traffic administrations– Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) need to learn the Chinese’s high speed train to develop the trains in the U.S

— Conclusion