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Proj 1 -Proofing Threat paper

I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

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Proj 1 -Proofing Threat paper
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1. Make sure the first 7-9 pages are in APA format. I think there is a couple of places where it is not.

2. Is Amazon Federal Agency good enough. Please make sure SAR reads clear and tailor communications to the audience.

3. Project Checklist is covered in each section of the Paper.

Please keep in mind that when you write the SAR you are writing it as the ISSO (supporting a Federal client), and the report audience is corporate/upper management within the Federal client organization. The purpose of the SAR was to prepare the organization for an upcoming external IT Security Audit (based on FISMO standards) so the ISSO was doing an internal SAR first to see what shape the organization’s security posture is in.