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QSO-300: 7-1 Final Project

I’m trying to learn for my Business class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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QSO-300: 7-1 Final Project
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The QSO300 Final Project link is what i have started so far. but i need help with proofreading.. there another addition to the assignment which isn’t listed there i will post it below. If you can please also assist me with these parts:

1) There’s new sections to add! – The final paper contains 3 new sections – I’ve got the areas highlighted that you really need to use the book to address:

  • Gross to Net Inventory calculations – this section can be addressed a few different ways but a short calculation table along with a small explanation and sharing of a what files are needed for an MRP and how it could be used.
  • Priority Rules – this section asks to explain the priority queuing rules and include advantages and disadvantages to each (use outside sources as well!)
  • Inventory Management – include your calculations/spreadsheet as to how you split the inventory into A,B,C classifications and what do you recommend that an operation do or change based on this information.

2) New requirements for each section – Note that each section you have already addressed in your milestones has another scoring section in the
where you need to go beyond your original requirements to get top marks. These are subtle but include using additional outside examples, citing outside sources, defending or predicting a result, adding criteria, and making connection to outside resources. Please review the first box to the left of the grading
rubric for the specific enhancement you need to make.

3) Organization of the paper – The paper and the sections are in a different order than in your individual milestones. Make sure you use the
rubric to determine organization and other requirements (an intro and a conclusion). Please try to keep your paper to 10-12 pages in total. I will deduct some points from organization if it is
significantly over 12 pages so look to where you can summarize your sections that already cover over a page or where I’ve already commented you have too much information.