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Qualitative Research

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Qualitative Research
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  • Take a position on the issue. This would be your claim. For example, Chapter 14 contains a section on Dramatism, discussing identification, pollution, and purification, victimization, and transcendence (p. 290).What is your view on the validity of these ideas?
  • Elaborate the position you take.That is, offer a warrant(s) to support your position.Be sure to include a paragraph on why this particular issue should be of interest to researchers as well as readers of the research (1-2 pp).
  • Elaborate on your warrant(s).This is called backing.That is, you should develop your idea, providing additional support for your warrant(s).Be sure to cite and reference at least three qualitative studies for examples/support.
  • State any reservations you foresee regarding your position (1 paragraph).If there is a reservation or two out there, then you at least need to acknowledge it.
  • Provide qualifier(s) that address other people’s reservation(s), for example, by reducing the scope of your position/claim and/or warrant.Or you can introduce alternative information that rebuts other people’s reservations.(1-2 paragraphs)
  • Offer a Conclusion about the implication of your position and elaboration.(1-2 paragraphs).
  • Submit 4-6 pages of hard text, including front matter (e.g., title page) and back matter (e.g., references, tables).Please label each part of your paper (i.e., “Claim,” “Data,’ “Warrant,” “Backing,” “Reservation,” and “Qualifier”)

Be sure to follow a style manual.I prefer APA (6
th edition).Look at the web sites below from Purdue Universities Online Writing Lab for how to follow APA.I will also