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Read and answer the questions

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Read and answer the questions
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Make sure to respond to the questions based on the articles. Try to include any relevant microeconomic concepts or thinking as derived from your readings. Thank you!!

#10: The Hybrid – Electric Auto Debate.
Do you view the entire auto industry becoming electric-based in the very near future? (Read the “GM, Volkswagen Say Goodbye to Hybrid Vehicles…” file)

#11: Nordstrom’s Biggest Bet.
What do you think is the main factor which will work for or against Nordstrom’s Department Stores, in their effort to protect their market share and profitability? (Read the “Nordstrom’s Biggest Bet Ever…” for this)

#12: Smoking & the Price Elasticity of Demand.
Should the government be responsible for the reduction of smoking (even in public)? What appears to be the numerical value of the elasticity of demand here for cigarettes? Isn’t health a private concern of families? (Read the “The Rising Cost of Cigarettes Doesn’t Stop All Smokers…”)