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Readings in Redemptive History

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Readings in Redemptive History
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Compose an answer of about 250-300 words to the following question

(6) Why did Paul write his letter and what is its basic message? In other words, what events sparked the writing of this epistle, and what is the main thrust of it? Why does this letter remain so important for Christian life and teaching?

Next reply to the following two students in a substantial way with at least 125 words

Paul wrote in Galatians to express his concern for how the people of the churches were living. He was passionate about the church and what it stood for. He wanted to share his love for God.

Paul wrote about the relationship between the Christian Jews and the Gentiles. The Gentiles were considered anyone that wasn’t Jewish. He wrote his epistle because there was a breakdown between the Jews and Gentiles. He worked hard to teach the people that Christ provided salvation. He felt that the Judaizers ruined the work he had done. For example, Paul was against religious male circumcision. The Jews, however, were strict about male circumcision. Their differences brought them into conflict.

Paul’s main goal was to get the people of the church to embrace the love for God and his commands. He wrote that salvation came to those that obeyed God fully. Committing acts of sin was not okay with God nor Paul. The words grace and faith run throughout the Bible and again, here in Paul’s letter. He made it clear that everyone needed to realize that there is freedom when you follow the way of God.

The letter that Paul wrote to the Galatians remains so important in Christian life and teaching today. It is essential because it emphasizes how critical it is to follow God and his commands. Christians today need to learn to follow God fully. Just like any Christian would teach, sin has to be avoided, and you have to live in God’s way to find salvation.

According to the examples recorded in the book of Acts, what were the main emphases and themes of the apostle’s preaching? Besides the things they spoke, what other aspects of the lives of the first Christians helped win people over to their community? What might modern Christians learn from this?

According to the book of Acts, the main themes and emphases of the apostle’s preaching were the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the importance of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The preached the importance of Jesus’ teachings and how to use what Jesus taught us for millions of years after his death. The described his life in detail and accounted his numerous miracles to support the evidence that he was the son of God. Besides their words, they were all hand chosen by God to live the life of an apostle. The Holy Spirit was within them and they were all first-hand witnesses to Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, so they were the most credible resources. While there have been many martyrs, prophets, saints, etc. these were the only 12 men chose by God to be called apostles. I think people understood the importance that God bestowed upon them and knew that by following their teachings they would be following the right path to their covenant with God. Although we may not have direct access or be able to physically hear their teachings, I still think that knowing that these apostles were hand-chosen by God is important in modern Christianity. Like millions of important and intelligent figures before us, if we study, learn from, and practice the things that the apostles have taught we can be sure that we will be filled with the knowledge and understanding to make the choice to be good Christians.