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Reducing Crime Rates in Diverse Communities Presentation

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Reducing Crime Rates in Diverse Communities Presentation
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As the new Police Chief in a diverse community, you are asked to develop strategies for reducing the crime rate within the first six months of being hired. Your community has a large section of a residential area that has evolved as a racial and ethnically mixed section of town. Over the years, tensions have increased as teens and young adults have escalated conflict over which racial or ethnic group is dominant. Parents and other adults appear to be reluctant or scared to take aggressive action to control these young people and their peers fear consequences if they “rat out” anyone.

The crimes have intensified from trespass and minor vandalism to marijuana use and sales along with some assaults and “gang-like” activity. As far as you can tell, no formal gang structure exists yet and there do not appear to be any firearms or hard drugs involved.

First, think about factors you would consider to help your community policing officers build communication with these diverse residents. Next, develop a presentation for your officers listing those strategies that consider both racial and cultural nuances in order for community policing to be effective and reduce crime.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate your power point:

  • A title slide with your name on it and an introduction slide describing the purpose of your presentation (2 slides)
  • Describe at least one method you would use to identify hot spots of crime in your community, i.e., Compstat; include your rationale for the method will be most effective in identifying areas of criminal activity.
  • Describe the activities you would recommend to your officers to build communication with diverse residents in order to build trust and cooperation.
  • Develop a list of 3 strategies for your officers to use that consider both racial and cultural nuances that will enable open communication between officers and residents.
  • The presentation shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of crime reduction in diverse communities
  • A reference slide in APA format consists of an adequate selection of relevant, current and scholarly information that clearly supports your suggestion on crime reduction in diverse communities

NOTE – Be sure the presentation displays proper