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Relationship Analysis

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Relationship Analysis
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Using Knapp’s Relationship Stages analyze one of YOUR Interpersonal relationships – a friend, significant other, etc.

  • You must select a relationship that has lasted (or lasted) at least one year and reached at least the Bonding stage.
  • You MUST use Knapp’s terminology to complete your analysis. Define each stage of Knapp’s Model in your own words even if the relationship you are analyzing did not reach that particular stage
  • Describe the extent of self-disclosure and types of communication that occurred in each stage of the relationship being analyzed to demonstrate your understanding of this model.
  • Following your analysis of the relationship based on Knapp’s model, discuss the roles each person “plays” in the relationship. One person can play many roles in a relationship with another, such as: confidante, advisor, mentor, etc.
  • One or two word bullet points are NOT acceptable! Use at least four or five complete sentences/complete pargraph to define and explain each relationship stage!
  • Finally answer this one final question: which of the Interpersonal Communication theories presented in class (Social Exchange Theory, Social Penetration Theory, Relational Dialectics Theory, or Uncertainty Reduction Theory or Communication Privacy Management Theory) do you think best helps you describe and/or understand communication in your interpersonal relationships? Thoroughly explain your answer.

More information about Knapp’s Model can be found at the following link:



  • Simple English, since English is my second language.