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  1. The effects of imperialism and colonialism on the indigenous people was negative. Many african people were killed in “heaps” by the white man as well as being turned into slaves to be shipped off overseas. On top of that, the African people already struggled with many diseases as well as an exhausting climate. It was made worse when the Americans/Europeans arrived. It was harder for the African people to be forced into hard physical labor in the climate that they were in. They were practically forced to work till they dropped/died. Overall I felt the Americans/Europeans were deliberate with their intentions. They see all these negative effects they are having on the african people but still continue to do the same thing. So many deaths are on their hands and they didn’t seem to care, they cared more about colonizing and having control over as much as they could.
  2. I believe the primary motivator of imperialism is power. The definition of imperialism is the “practice or advocacy of extending power and dominion, especially by direct territorial acquisition or by gaining political and economic control of other areas.” Power is something that people are willing to get regardless of the consequences and a prime example of that would be when the Americans/Europeans went to Africa and took control, not caring how many people were killed or died in the process.
  3. Major technological advancements, class conflict, development of working, middle, and upper middle classes, interest in concepts of superiority (power dynamics), interest in the improvement of civilization. All of these topics from units 2 and 3 are incorporated into what were currently learning about this week because it goes along with this idea of power. Which goes along with colonialism and imperialism because they both have to do with this idea that you gain territory and power. Topics from 2 and 3 focused on this perfect human race and how they should be the ones in charge. It’s all about who has the most power.