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Professor Slater and Class,

URL: https://careers.internationalmedicalcorps.org/work-with-us.html (Links to an external site.)

My search provided me with the site to International Medical Corps. International Medical Corps provides emergency medicine when disaster strikes plus gives support to enable the community to build themselves up stronger than ever. Then, training is given to the communities so that they may be their own first responders if disaster strikes again.

I have worked with emergency medicine, therefore, I believe I could aid in serving as a first responder there quite well. I have also dedicated myself to serving patients at their darkest hour. I have also become more culturally competent thanks to this course which would aid in international patient care. I know now to assess the patient’s culture prior to treatment so that I might be able to give the best culturally sensitive care possible.

According to Chamberlain Lesson Eight, nurses need language skills and cultural training specific to that location prior to entering that community for training (Chamberlain Lesson Eight, 2019) Therefore, this is one improvement that I can always be doing. Becoming culturally competent is a lifelong commitment and a continued learning process. I can always learn more about individual cultures as I continue delivering patient care. The important part, however, is that the nurse knows what questions and assessments to ask or research about a culture prior to delivering care. This course has taught me that.

AACN essential VII includes being culturally competent. It states that the nurse must assess not only the patient’s illness but also how the patient believes and view healthcare and illness. (AACN, 2008)



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Chamberlain Lesson Eight, 2019