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Research Proposal

I’m trying to learn for my Writing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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Research Proposal
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Now that you’ve had time to consider your research question and gather/ evaluate some of your sources, it’s time to propose your research project.

Simply put–in this assignment you need explain the purpose (questions being answered), urgency, methods, details and nuances of the research you plan to conduct and the project you plan to write about it.

The way to organize a proposal often varies based on the audience you’re proposing project to. If there is a method of organization you are already familiar with or have used in the past, don’t hesitate to reuse that same format. However, if this is your first time proposing a research project, think about the method that feels most sensible to you. Pages 43-44 and 46 in your books provide helpful guidance and questions for considering this. You can also use some of the examples provided on the slides from our class presentation/notes.

I might recommend something like:
1. There is a need–explain the problem, the background of the issue, etc.
2. Because of this problem/ need– your research question exists, which is: ______
3. The answer to this question is really important, urgent, in fact– because: ______
4. It isn’t going to be easy, but here’s how I’m gonna answer this question: _______
4a. Explain methods–reading, resources, field research (interviews, polls, tests, experiments, focus-groups, surveys, etc.)
5. After I’m done researching, the final product that answers the research question is going to, ideally, look like: _______
6. And it’s going to be awesome because it will help us understand: ________ much better than we did before.
7. Brief note of gratitude.

^This is the first thing I thought of off the top of my head–i.e., how I would try and do it–so it’s not perfect, or a be-all-end-all. Just a suggestion of possibility. Figure out your best approach and go with that.

Because I think it will help give you an idea of what to write in your proposal, I am also attaching the assignment sheet for the Research Project here. JUST REMEMBER: WHAT’S ATTACHED IS NOT THE PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENT, BUT WHAT THE PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENT IS DISCUSSING.

750-1000 words. MLA or APA.