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Respond to 2 classmates?

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Respond to 2 classmates?
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1. For many years the Department of Justice was not able to convict many top criminal organization and their top bosses. For one the main people at the top hardly every take the risk of actually doing the crime in order for them not to get caught and them charged with any crimes. Not until 1970 it was almost imposable to tae these guys down. with the passing of the Racketeering influenced and corrupt organizations. Better known as the RICO law. The RICO law allowed law enforcement agencies to charge people with crimes that involved drug dealing, bribery, gambling, murder, kidnapping and arson. Most of the top bosses that did in fact go to prison did not go for long periods of time. For example Al Capone was finally sent to prison in 1931 for tax evasion. He was sentenced to federal prison for 11 years but only did half because of good behavior. If he was to be charged with a RICO case he could have been sentenced with at least 20 years..

2. There are quite a bit of federal laws that have been established to fight organized crime groups. One of the best ones created has been the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. Racketeering includes murder, kidnapping, arson, drug dealing and so on. I personally do not think or believe that anything is really effective because there’s only so much that law enforcement departments can do to a certain extent. They can lock the head bosses away for life but one way or another the bosses still control what is going on on the outside, they get their information one way or another. There is an old saying that the streets are always talking, that is a true statement, rather locked up or not, information and orders can still be given.

Some legal limitations that law enforcement has to deal with number one is protecting themselves as well as the criminals when it comes down to their civil rights, no matter how much officers hate or want to get the groups off the streets they have to do it the correct way and build a case and not violate their rights when doing so.