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Respond to both A and B

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Respond to both A and B
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(QA)In this activity, we see a nurse working in epidemiology. I believe it is important to have nurses in this field because they have a specific skill set that allows them to do this job well and also because there are more nurses than other medical professionals. Some of the skills that nurses have that are perfect for epidemiology are assessment and critical thinking (Gleavy, 1990). According to DailyNurse, ” A nurse epidemiologist investigates trends in groups or aggregates and studies the occurrence of diseases and injuries” (Epidemiology Nurse, 2019). This can be done well because of those two skills listed above as well as many others. IN order for a nurse to investigate trends they must first be able to assess the patients and notice when they have similar symptoms. Then a nurse uses their critical thinking skills to study how this happened to these patients. They must use critical thinking skills to determine what factors the patients have in common. For example, say a nurse notices that two of her patients have spiked a fever and are experiencing tachycardia, but they haven’t been at all prior to this. Then she notices other nurses patients are having the same problem.

(QB)Being a nurse is a lot like being a detective. Nurses have to be able to walk into a patient room and quickly identify any safety problems that need to be addressed, like unlabeled tubing, or an unsafe height of the bed, or fall risk potentials. Potential fall risks would include the items most used by a patient being across the room and not on their bedside table, fall alarms not being active, IV tubing, oxygen tubing, or SCD tubing being attached the patient, and medication side effects causing confusion, weakness, urination frequency, etc. The nurse must also assess the patient for any clues of worsening condition or new clues of new problems. This could include decrease oxygen saturation suddenly, or decreased blood pressure upon standing, or increased urination frequency or patient stated burning while urinating. All of these items are clues that the nurse can chart and tell the physician. They are all items that could indicate potential health and safety problems. Without noticing them, the patient’s health could get worse, or they could have a fall in the room, or more problems could pop up (Shephard, 2016). The nurse needs to be able to use the detective skills to look around the park and determine any potential hazards, and then use the skills to examine those problem areas further by collecting samples and connecting the heavy rains to cattle farm run off and then to the faulty water filter of the water fountain and then to the fruit punch made from the water from the contaminated water fountain (Outbreak at Watersedge).