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Response Paper

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Response Paper
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Response Papers: Response papers are to be formal in style, have a clear thesis, cite where appropriate, and be at least 5 pages in length (not including works cited page). You will have free reign to choose how you want to approach the paper topic. The paper should focus on one of the films the week’s viewings. You may consider writing a critical analysis of the film or approaching it from an interpretive/allegorical perspective (i.e. what is the film saying about, or indicative of beyond the scope of the story line within the screen). I leave this open to give you the opportunity to approach the film from whatever your specialization or interest may be. So, if you’re a sociology major, you may want to approach the material from that perspective and draw on your background in that field, if you’re a film major you may want to take a more technical approach, etc. I also encourage you to draw on and include secondary sources (this can include class readings, but feel free to take it beyond our readings), this will depend on how you decide to approach the film. Feel free to contact me with questions and thoughts that come up as you begin brainstorming and writing.

12/16 – Reading: “Film Genre and the Genre Film” Thomas Schatz

Reading: “Representation” Andrew Dudley

12/17 – Reading: “The Gangster’s Silent Backdrop” Jonathan Munby

Viewing: Scarface (1932) Howard Hawks

12/18 – Reading: “The Enemy Goes Public” Jonathan Munby

Viewing: The Public Enemy (1931) William A. Wellman

12/19 – Reading: “Social Structure and Anomie” Thomas Merton

Viewing: Goodfellas (1990) Martin Scorsese

12/20 – Reading: Crime and the American Dream. (Chpt.1 & 4) Messner and Rosenfeld

Viewing: American Gangster (2007) Ridley Scott