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Response to discussion post minimum 100 words

Need help with my Law question – I’m studying for my class.

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Response to discussion post minimum 100 words
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You just basically responding to the student of what you felt compelling and enlightening

Student paper down below:

This course has definitely been a difficult one, because it has come during a hectic time and I might have not been that excited from being overwhelmed. I put a lot on my plate and I was not 100% on this class. I want to apologize to my classmates and Rhonda Ntepp, because I could of done so much better, but I am learning to multi-task again and my TBI has been making it difficult to concentrate and handle the new changes that are happening. Besides that being the only thing that yielded me in this course, I am very happy that I have made it this far and this is my last class. It has been a long road from learning to read and talk during the first year to now, while being a single mother. I have doubted myself and I do get hard on myself, when I am struggling with some topics and assignments, but at least I tried and never gave up. I figured that if I could do all this in the last four years, then I can take on anything.

The topic that I found most compelling was determining the most covered topics within the media, because our country is going through a lot of tough situations that need the coverage and our concern. Everyone had amazing topics and opinions to build great papers. This class was definitely challenging, but really informative. It was a good step to review what we have learned and able to use it for future assignments. It was helpful by preparing us to keep updated on the media information, because it can deem relevance to us and our community.

I found the discussion boards were really helpful, since I struggled with my assignments a lot. I was able to read their discussions and understand their posing arguments to make a better decision and post for myself.