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Responses Needed

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Responses Needed
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Read through your colleagues’ posts and respond to two or more of your colleagues in the following way:

  • Suggest a resource that you think would help your colleague’s organization adopt a systems solution and explain why the resource is helpful in this particular situation.
  • Compare your organization to your colleague’s and explain why you think there are similarities or differences in how each organization approaches systems thinking or the extent to which each has adopted a systems solution
  • Provide an insight you gained by reviewing your colleague’s example.
  • Offer a contrasting viewpoint of whether Shireman’s argument is relevant and why you hold that perspective.

Shireman, W. K. (1999). Business strategies for sustainable profits: systems thinking in practice. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 16(5), 453–462. https://doi.org/10.1002/(sici)1099-1743(199909/10)16:5<453::aid-sres336>3.0.co;2-9