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Revise paper based on Feedback Current Events

I need an explanation for this Political Science question to help me study.

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Revise paper based on Feedback Current Events
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Graded Anonymously: no


This seems to be a paper on American government more so than it is on democracy. Please remember that key components of democracy include: people participation, party and group competition, periodic elections, and consent of the governed. Also, most of this paper is incoherent in which it is difficult to understand and there are many grammatical errors. While you have included a statement of the concept and a current event, you have not shown how a current event relates to the concept of democracy, you have not provided an argument for and against democracy, and you have not provided an opinion on the arguments for and against the concept. Also, you should include in-text citations for direct quotes that have not been altered or paraphrased. Lastly, you have not provided that adequate amount of resources. Please keep in mind that this is not an opinion paper. This is a research paper. Thank you.

Shelby Green