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Rewrite 3 paragraph from my essay (about 1000 words)

I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

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Rewrite 3 paragraph from my essay (about 1000 words)
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I have my essay but it needs to re-write Ethos, Pathos, and Conclusion paragraph because my professor didn’t satisfied with that. Please delete Ethos and Pathos. And pick another 2 rhetorical strategies from Rhetorical Strategies attachment below, then write about it. These 2 strategies need to have strong evidence and example from the article to support it. You can see the link to the article at the References page. Also, re-write the conclusion base on the instruction. Make sure you follow and answer all the question from the outline instruction. After writing your part, make sure the whole essay is at least 1800 words, which mean you need to write about 1000 word, because the rest part is 800 words. Make sure your writing part go well with the rest of the essay, it really need to smooth.

1.5 line spacing

Outline instruction for each Rhetorical analysis:

You will begin each paragraph with a topic sentence, and the paragraph will have a unified focus. You should write one or more paragraphs (use more than one if you have multiple detailed examples of a particular appeal or strategy) on each of the rhetorical strategies you mentioned in the introduction. Here is how you should develop your paragraphs:

a. Define the rhetorical strategy you will be discussing in that paragraph (you can quote or paraphrase from your course readings). You must define each appeal or strategy clearly before discussing specific examples of it.

b. Quote or paraphrase 2-3 examples from the document that illustrate the author’s use of the strategy or appeal

c. Explain how and why the examples illustrate the strategy or appeal and how they have contributed to the author’s purpose in the article

d. Explain how this particular appeal or strategy can help all authors make their points and persuade audiences effectively. Why should all writer around the world use this strategy?

Tip: Treat each body section like a mini-essay within your larger paper. If you follow the steps listed above, you will see that you have a clear intro (introduce the rhetorical appeal or strategy), body (show examples of it and explain how they illustrate the appeal or strategy), and conclusion (connect the use of the appeal or strategy to the author’s purpose; draw final conclusion based on how this author uses the appeal or strategy, explaining why/how using it can help all authors achieve their purposes).

Outline instruction for Conclusion:

(a.) Bring your focus back to the real main subject here: effective rhetoric

(b.) Summarize briefly the main points of the analysis: go over the main appeals and strategies you have analyzed, saying which ones were particularly effective

(c.) Explain the significance of your analysis as you consider the following:

1. What conclusions can you draw , based on your analysis of this particular article, about the role in general of rhetorical appeals and strategies in producing clear communication through writing?

2. What changes would you recommend to this author to better achieve his/her purpose?