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INTERVIEW an RN who has been working for at least 2 years .Write a summary of the questions below.Please submit a 2 page typed report by the due date.

1.Where did you get your RN Diploma/degree?

2.Describe your experience in taking and passing the NCLEX

3.What was your experience in applying and landing you first job?

4.What was it like to start working as a new RN.What was your orientation like?

5.Where do you work and what is your job description?

6.What do you do to earn your CEUs and how do you renew your license?

7.Have you gone back to school to become an RN or have you worked on any CERTIFICATIONS?

8.Do you belong to any RN Professional organizations and if so how do you participate

9.Do you have any advice for a newly graduating RN?

10. Do you have your own malpractice insurance coverage?