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SOCI 124 Field Trip Assignment

I need help with a Sociology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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SOCI 124 Field Trip Assignment
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Select one location from the list below to observe for 1-2 hours when there are plenty of people around. During your observation session, take careful notes on the various people and interactions you observe.

• The grocery store • A coffee shop • A mall • UNC student stores • A UNC dining hall • A campus event

While gender themes may not be immediately apparent, they will emerge with time if you pay attention to people’s spatial locations, body language, appearance, and speech patterns. Reflection Paper Please address the following questions in a three-page (double-spaced) response: 1. In which ways was hegemonic gender ideology apparent in this setting? Were there people or interactions that seemed to challenge hegemonic gender ideology? Provide specific examples. 2. Select two of the concepts listed below and explain the ways in which they were evident in this setting. Make sure to provide clear examples from your observation notes

Grading Rubric Reflection papers will be graded according to the following two criteria: – The student shows a firm grasp of course concepts o 5 = clear, accurate description of course concepts o 4 = mostly clear and accurate with a few minor errors o 2 = the assignment is complete but has major errors – The student’s response shows insight, creativity, and depth of thought o 5 = the response shows significant insight and new ideas o 4 = not much depth to the response o 2 = the assignment is complete but offers nothing new beyond the course material Each of the two criteria will be graded out of five and then multiplied by four to generate a total score out of forty points.