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Sociology Assignment

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Sociology Assignment
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From Kennedy, Exploring the Roots of Social Theory & Inquiry, read Chapters 1, 2 & 3, then complete the items below found at the ends of chapters. Be certain that you identify specific items listed below; also, the heading for your responses should be;

Chapter 1, item 1, or Chapter 3, item 2, etc.).

Chapter 1: complete “Suggested Assignment” (page 8)[10 points for the assignment]

Chapter 2: complete “Study Questions” 1, 6 & 7; for item 1, be sure to give the “steps”(seeFigure 2.1) [5 points each response]. Then, complete “Suggested Assignment 2” which applies the steps. [10 points]

Chapter 3: complete “Study Questions” 1, 2 & 3. [5 points possible for each response].

Guidelines for Assignment

these should be included in a bibliographic reference – no separate page is needed; place the references at the end of the text.

The length of your response is neither specified nor evaluated, yet it is to be in expository essay, paragraph form! See the writing evaluation rubric in the attachment for a general guide. Specifically, for full credit:

? Respond to each question with the key point(s), idea(s) and/or term(s) presented by the author noting the page (in parentheses) from the text. Respond directly and coherently in complete sentences; make certain that you have answered the item by focusing on what has been presented in the reading.

? For each question, include a specific, concrete example, preferably from your experiences or understanding. When you make reference to an example from another source that is not a personal anecdote, support your response with a citation (using APA format citations).

? Finally, and to repeat, be certain to include bibliographic references at the end of the assignment, for the pdf’s and/or for the text by Kennedy. For items from class discussions, use the following: Class session, then give the date of the discussion.