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Sociology: Global Inequalities movie analysis 3-4 page brief

I need help with a Sociology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Sociology: Global Inequalities movie analysis 3-4 page brief
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For this assignment you should view outside of class any two of the following films, and then write up a 3-4 page (approximately) double-spaced brief, focusing on how they are related to what we have been covering in the course. Your brief should not be merely a description of the films; you should analyze them in relation to the historical and analytical themes of the course and the course readings and lectures. I expect you to employ in your essay the terms, concepts, theories, and insights garnered from the course. This should be a sociological paper not a film review. You should make reference in the brief, with appropriate citations, to class lectures and readings. Tp clarify: You will write one 3-4 page brief which will cover two films. When writing, make sure that your analysis of the two films is one cohesive argument. I will provide class powerpoint and reading material from class so that you may analyze them. I will also be providing the table of contents for the class reader, if you decide to use a specific chapter let me know and I will send you that chapter. A guideline of the format is also provided.

The Last Emperor


Central Station;

The Violin (El Violín)

Bread and Roses (the one that deals with the struggle of janitors to unionize);

Roger and Me;

Children of Heaven Khandahar

Rabbit Proof Fence Salan Bombay Hotel Rwanda

The Agronomist

El Norte

Darwin’s Nightmare

The Day I Became a Woman

Taste of Cherry

The Circle



Sleep Dealer


Paradise Now

Even the Rain

A Better Life/El Jardinero

La Heine



The Same Moon (Bajo La Misma Luna) Sorry to Bother You

The Balibo Conspiracy