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Speech: iGen and Social Media

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Speech: iGen and Social Media
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1- Speech

A) Topic: iGen and Social media (SPEECH should be to entertain and inform)

B) should be timed in around 7-8 minutes ( 3 -4 written pages)

C) it should include a story and it has be 25 – 30% of the speech content.

D) proper data use and statistics

E) an allusion should be created

F) any 6 rhetorical devices such as metaphor, simile, enumeration should be in-text

2- Written materials ( separate word file)

A) It should include Research-based-question (RBQ) about 150 words should be related to the speech.

B) List of the LEDE and six rhetorical devices (mentioned before in the speech)

C) Storytelling – briefly describe the story used in speech in a sentence or two

D) data/statistics – briefly describe the story used in speech in a sentence or two

E) Allusion – a brief explanation of allusion mentioned

F) Three Rhetorical devices – such as metaphor and simile,

G) References sheet in proper APA format – include 1 journal article, 1 book or e-book, and 5 other newspaper or magazines, total of 7