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Statistics Unit 10 Option 2 Seminar Assignment

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Statistics Unit 10 Option 2 Seminar Assignment
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Option 2- Alternative Assignment: Reflective Assignment

While listening to this week’s archived Seminar, complete a reflective document. You may write the assignment in a bulleted list format OR paragraph format. APA style is not required.

Please include:

  • The main topics discussed.
  • Sub-topics and/or subsequent classroom discussion.
  • Points you found of interest.
  • Any additional reflections or suggestions.

Keep in mind that your instructor is available should you have any questions on the Seminar content. Submit your alternative assignment to the Seminar Dropbox.

Unit 10 Seminar

The topics for the Unit 10 Seminar include:

? Reviewing ideas and concepts of estimating population parameters using sample statistics.

? Using the appropriate error (E) formulas to calculate the error for means or for proportions.

? Creating confidence intervals for population means and population proportions using corresponding sample statistics and measures.