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STRAW BAN POSTER ( 1-2 pages )

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STRAW BAN POSTER ( 1-2 pages )
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5 points

For this extra credit assignment, you are required to apply the concepts covered in this course and create a poster, flyer, or art piece on the topic of the straw ban debate.Be intentional and thoughtful with your explanation. If you choose to create a poster or art piece by hand, make sure to take a photo of it and include the photo with your explanation.


  • Poster, flyer, art piece | 4 pts.
    • Demonstrating artistry and creativity
    • Representation of Advocacy for disability rights, dignity, and/or life quality
  • Paragraph Explanation | 1 pt.

Explain what your image represents and why you chose to create this piece.

Reminder: Only one extra credit option will be accepted for this course.