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Teaching and learning science-childhood 3: annenberg

I’m trying to learn for my Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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Teaching and learning science-childhood 3: annenberg
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-1. Choose the Essential Science For Teachers: Physical, Life or Earth and Space.


Essential Science for Teachers: Earth and Space Science


This video course for elementary school teachers covers Earth and space science concepts needed to teach today’s standards-based curricula.

Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science


Elementary school teachers can use this life science video course to review concepts needed to teach today’s standard-based curricula.

Essential Science for Teachers: Physical Science


Review the physical science concepts need to teach today’s standards-based curricula in this video course for elementary school teachers.

  • Review the different video concepts by reading the individual Program Descriptions.
  • Choose the one that most closely connects with your Candidate Work Sample or an area of your own that you feel you need to strengthen.
  • Click on the session.
  • I suggest you readprior to watching video.
  • Watch video.Pay close attention to how kids think!
  • Thenproceed through each tab:
  • Post your thoughtful response to Annenberg Discussion Board. (100 point assignment)
  • Read and respond to classmates’ posts.

A screen like this will open.

State how your background knowledge grew.

Summarize what you found most interesting.

Identify possible misconceptions your students might have about unit concepts. BRIEFLY discuss ideas you have about how to help your students learn concepts presented.

I know you are very busy, you always will be, but please remember this resource and use when you teach.Watch some more videos throughout the semester as time permits.Doing so is incredibly valuable!

There is much more to Annenberg than the Essentials For Teachers.

Check outhttp://www.learner.org/index.html