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The Rise of rome

I’m studying for my History class and need an explanation.

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The Rise of rome
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Arguably the most important civilization in the history of the world was Roman Civilization. So much of what have in regard to politics, society, and heritage was formed or reformed during this great civilization. This week we will look at the rise of Rome from the earliest days of monarchy to empire.

Assignment – Read the Textbook: Chapter 6 – pp. 144-160 and the excerpt from the Aeneid, then answer the following the question in 2-3 paragraphs and submit it as a MS Word .doc or PDF in Canvas.

1. So much of the grandeur that became the Roman Empire grew out of its adaptation and assimilation of prior civilizations. Account for what Rome borrowed and what they uniquely created on their own accord. Consider the work of Virgil’s Aeneid as an example of this phenomenon.

Ill give textbook once tutor is assigned