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Theory of Computation

I’m studying for my Mathematics class and need an explanation.

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Theory of Computation
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Please completed the problems attached in a word document with analysis. Please find the attached text book as well.

Note: All homework and exam submissions must be typed and submitted in a Word Document (.DOC / .DOCX), including responses to any prompts or assignments. Hand-written or image submissions will not be accepted, except in the case for complex diagrams. In the case of complex diagrams, you may hand draw them and import them into your digital document (typically done by taking a picture, cropping it, and organizing your diagrams with the responses). You must write your name and date under the diagram as proof of their originality and your ownership. Any hand-drawn image or diagram that does not have your hand-written name will not be graded.

Name: Ashish (If in case drawing on a paper)