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Unit 1 Discussion Questions Responses

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Unit 1 Discussion Questions Responses
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**There are 2 responses below. Please write a 100 word response for each.

Response 1:Victoria’s Response

Proposed research question: Is it possible to work in Governmental agencies and public administration and keep the integrity in your Christian beliefs?

Hypothesis: Christians should be able to maintain their values in religion and be an effective public servant.

Working in any job or career, many people are faced with the question of sticking true to what they believe in, or keeping a job. I believe that it is possible to work in any environment and stay true to who you are. As Christians, we are not to conform to this world, but we are to be the example, regardless of any situation. Matthew 5:13, “You are the salt of the Earth. But if the salt loses it savor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” Effectiveness in public services may be contributed to those who are religious. An increase in in faith-based organizations is being viewed as effective for those working in public service, this is because those who are apart tend to be highly motivated customers and have a long lasting impact, as opposed to those who follow the traditions of public agencies. Traditional public agencies are those who believe that their should be a separation of church and state. (Freeman, Houston, 2010) This will allow employees to follow their values, and hold true to what they believe. Giving them the opportunity to make the choices they feel is going to best for not only the company but what is going to be the best fit for them as well.

Response 2: Jo Ann’s Response

The advantages of a research paper allow a lot of detail to collect for research design. There are public and private areas to find data. It adds a more considerable, more in-depth search. Other than newspapers and word of mouth, the media and technology offer more worldwide material. The disadvantage is not able to receive the relevant data to be accurate and known worldwide. The limitations of generalization can not be population in the larger demographic area. The researchers do not have to belong generally 200-500 words. Ethnographic research studies humans and society of peoples. They study anthropology, sociology, business and organization, strengths, and weakness to research problems (Huddle 2018).

Strengths and weaknesses of research studies, it is essential to research all avenue to follow the advantages and disadvantages. The use of intensive studies, developing the case of research, discern between the two, give insight, research bias, and the discovery of ethical issues. Discovery the human side of research, which intel the development of programs needed to provide services. The study of social services tells more about the survival of society: the housing projects, food, and other assistance for the communities they research. The ability to investigate these stories allows the information to reach the right group of people to rely on as a guide. The Bible tells us to study documents of the times to know where past from the present. A path we are a commission to travel in the eyesight of God directs us to do the right thing. A choice to do right and do wrong is ours.