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using excel t0 sh0w pr0duction funct1on

I need support with this Excel question so I can learn better.

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using excel t0 sh0w pr0duction funct1on
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using Excel to dohomework.

We want you to redo the attached table but instead of using prodution funtion

we want you to use the capital and labor share of the US, that is 1/3 and 2/3,respectively. Make sure you use the same other parameters as in the lecture: s=0.3 ,d=1 ,k_0=4.

You’ll find 2 assignments in the website: “Excel HW, report” and “Excel HW, file”.

You should upload a pdf or word file with your table in the “Excel HW, report” assignment and your own excel file to the “Excel HW, file” assignment.

Feel free to use other software if you like (Matlab, Python, Mathematica, etc…) but make sure you upload your report and code.

If you have any more questions make sure to contact you TA and/or go to office hours .

Regards and have a great weekend,



Tip: The highlighted value (k_0=4) is the only value in the table you should enter manually when working on your table, everything else should come out of a simple formula.