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velocity/ wavelength multiple choice PHY140

I don’t know how to handle this Physics question and need guidance.

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velocity/ wavelength multiple choice PHY140
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10. A student sleeping in class snores 90 times in 3 minutes. what is the frequency of snoring in snores per second (sn/s)

a) 0.5sn/s

b) 1sn/s

c) 2sn/s

d) 60 sn/s

11. A wave on a rope, at one particular instant in time, looks as shown in figure 1-21.what in the wavelength of the wave?

a) 1ft.

b) 2ft.

c) 4ft.

d) 5ft.

e) 8ft.

12. An explosion might be seen before it is heard because

a) sound waves have a similar propagation velocity than light waves.

b) there is constructive interference.

c) sound gets fainter the farther you are from where it was created =.

d) friction slows down the sound wave

e) a,c, and d are all involved.

13. Assume that the velocity of sound in air is about 1100 feet per second. A tuning fork that vibrates at 250 HZ gives rise to a sound wave having a wavelength of about

a) 0.227 ft.

b) 4.4ft.

c) 250 ft.

d) 275,000 ft.

14. A pure tone is always

a) an impulsive wave.

b) electronically generated

c) at very low frequency.

d) a sinusoidal sound wave.

e) of small amplitude

15. which of the following is false?

a) the sound waves from two tuning forks of the same frequency will interfere constructively at some points.

b) Two waves ,A and B, have the same wave velocity. If A has a higher frequency than B, A will have a shorter wavelength.

c) In a transverse wave, the motion of the medium is in the same direction as the wave velocity.

Consider the two graphs in figure 1-22 denoting the same traveling wave on a string. problems 16-22 refer to these graphs.

( I will attach the the to graphs)

16. the wavelength is

a) 1 ft.

b) 2 ft.

c) 3 ft.

d) 6 ft.

17. the period is

a) 1s

b) 2s


d) 4s

18. the frequency is

a) 1/8 HZ


C) 1/2 HZ

D) 1HZ

19. The amplitude is


b) 2ft.

c) 3ft.

d) 6ft.

20. the wave velocity is





21.The height of the string at x=1 ft and t=0 s is

a) -1ft.

b) -2ft.

c) 0ft.

d) 1ft.

e) 2ft.

22. The height of the string at x=1ft and t=4 s is

a)-1 ft

b)-2 ft.

c)0 ft.

d) 1ft.

e) 2ft.

23. A traveling water wave is described at time t=0 s by the graph of figure 1-22.(figure will be attached) the wave is moving to the right and has a frequency of 2 HZ. A bather is in the water at x= ft. The swimmer bobs up ad down because

a) of interference effects

b) the swimmer has a mass density that differs from the mass density of the water

c) the swimmer is surrounded by a medium that moves only velocity

d) the wave isn’t big enough

e) of frictional drag