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Very easy work: Watch the video and answer the questions.

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Very easy work: Watch the video and answer the questions.
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Watch the video: The difference between us(race). The link is

Then answer the question.

The Question:

For many years, humans have suggested a correlation between physical characteristics such as skin and hair color, with complex human traits, such as intelligence. This video refers to this as “concordance” and argues that if “race is more than skin deep, then such visual traits must correspond to other human genetics.” This idea of concordance resulted in expectations by student subjects in the study shown.

  1. What were their expectations and what did the study results show?
  2. Why do you think this was so?
  3. How does this relate to the American perception that race is biological?
  4. What did these students learn about genetic variation within the ‘so-called races’ compared to the genetic variations between the ‘so-called races’?