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Web server

I need help with a Python question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Web server
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1. In Optional Exercises, you don’t need to work on first exercise (multi-threading). But, make sure to complete second exercise (html client). For htmlClient.py, please print entire html response. (header + body)

2. You will submit four files. htmlServer.py, htmlClient.py, html file and README. (you can ignore ‘What to Handin in’ section in the assignment spec.)

3. You can name html file to anything as long as client browser can load the file.

4. Since server and client are running on same machine, you can use localhost for ip address. (

5. All exceptions/errors must be handled on both sides. In other words, programs should not break for any reason.

6. As you can notice from the screenshots I posted, server process should stay alive while client process closes socket as it receives response from server.

7. I will check 200 OK/404 Not Found is returned as expected to both client browser and client socket code.

8. In README, you will put your name and your partners name (if you are working with a partner). Also, put commands to run server and client program. I won’t spend my time on debugging when provided commands don’t work.

9. You will upload the assignment once per group.