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What are our values?

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What are our values?
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To help us better understand values, especially in arguments, we need to first determine our own.

  • Read through the instrumental and terminal values on the attached handout.
  • Follow the directions of steps 1-5.
  • Then answer the following questions (from the handout) below:
  1. When you think of the word values what comes to your mind? Are values innate or are they learned?
  2. Do you think your values will change over time? What are some of the reasons that your values might change?
  3. Why is it important to identify your values?
  4. List your top three instrumental values. Why do those three values stand out to you? What is important about them? Do you feel that you currently possess these values or do you need to do some work to achieve them?
  5. List your top three terminal values. Why do these values stand out to you? Where did you learn that they were important?
  6. How will being aware of your values help you in choosing a major, a career, and/or a direction in life?
  7. At what point did it become difficult to cross off a set of values? Why did you have a hard time narrowing them down? Were there values that you crossed off that you feel you should not have eliminated?
  8. Did you find this values exercise challenging to complete? If so, why? If not, why not?