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what is the concept you have chosen?

Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

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what is the concept you have chosen?
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Required textbook: Psychology in action, 12th edition

Concept chosen: Lifespan and development


  • Identify a theory or concept in the required textbook for this class on any topic related to psychology that you would like to explore (look through the required textbook’s content pages to identify the topic of your interest). Write an introduction explaining your choice of the topic and the theory or concept related to it.
  • Explain the theory or concept as you understand it (describe its key points).
  • Formulate a research question and a hypothesis that you would use to study this theory (see Chapter 1 of the required textbook for guidance but do not reuse the sample questions or hypotheses provided in the textbook). Your research question and hypothesis must be written in your own words.
  • Select and describe a research method (descriptive, correlational, or experimental) that you would use to test your hypothesis (see Chapter 1 of the required textbook).
  • Describe who would be your potential research participants if you were to conduct this study in real life; provide your sample size, that is, how many participants and groups you would need for the research method you selected
  • Discuss the ethical requirements that you would need to follow if you were to conduct this study in real life (see Chapter 1 of the required textbook).
  • Discuss the data analysis strategy that you would use to analyze your prospective data (see Appendix A in the required textbook).
  • Concluding remarks (summarize what you have learned while writing your paper and how this knowledge will help you to better understand psychology).

The paper should include a total of 5 (five) pages: 3 (three) pages of main text, plus a title page and a reference page. The paper must be double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, APA style. Use the preformatted APA 6th edition template provided in Blackboard for this assignment to write your paper.