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Why is Nitrogen not mentioned in Gas Exchange?

I need help with a Health & Medical question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Why is Nitrogen not mentioned in Gas Exchange?
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I want to make our project relevant to the respiratory system. I have included a link below to an article about gas exchange. In every book, the author talks about the main gases in the atmosphere and makes reference to their concentration and partial pressures. Authors often explain Boyle’s law, Dalton’s law, and Henry’s law, and end up with gas exchange (external and internal respiration) that includes only O2 and C02. Nitrogen is often kept out of the picture, although it is found in highest concentration and pressure in the atmosphere. Why is nitrogen not mentioned in gas exchange? When does nitrogen become important? I want you to write me a summary that includes the concentration, partial pressures, and solubility of the main gases in the atmosphere. I want you to also explain the gas laws, decompression sickness (Caisson’s disease), and the purpose of the hyperbaric chamber.

After writing the summary you will have a better understanding of the main gases in the atmosphere. You will also have a clear understanding of the chemical properties of nitrogen!