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Write a 3 paragraph paper for a quote reflection

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Write a 3 paragraph paper for a quote reflection
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You will select one (or more) sentences to be quoted (a great opportunity to practice APA).

Write a 3 paragraph paper for reading reflection. Paragraph one should include the quote and why it stood out to you. Your second paragraph should attempt to connect your understanding of the message associated with that quote to a real life scenario (you can expand on the quote, contest the message of the quote, or provide a clear example). Your final paragraph is your opportunity to draw implication for supporting families based on your understanding of the reading.

The quote is “we define communication as a symbolic, transactional process of creating and sharing meanings.”

You need to use creative titles for the subheads. You need to have 1 paragraph per section. This is suppose to be 1 page.

Fowling files are sample paper and template