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Write an essay that answers one of the questions provided.

I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance.

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Write an essay that answers one of the questions provided.
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This is my final essay and I need a really good grade on it. You can choose from the following topics of choice.

1. To what extent has American society always been multicultural???In answering this question, write about the following periods: Indigenous period, Colonial America, and 19th Century America.

2. To what extent are the ideas of liberty and equality significant in American society, and in what ways have these ideas shaped, and been reshaped by, the larger history of the United States? In answering this question, include?three?main points that support your thesis.

3. To what extent was the United States becoming increasingly democratic between 1790 and 1877? In answering this question, write about?three?of the following: Native Americans, African Americans, women, and white men.(Note:?Be sure to make specific references to the readings in your response.)