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Write one paragraph summary for each one of the TedTalks.

I need support with this Social Science question so I can learn better.

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Write one paragraph summary for each one of the TedTalks.
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Assignment 1:

Journal Entry #5 – Write one paragraph summary for each one of the TedTalks. Also, write one paragraph on your reaction to the results of your communication assessment.

Do You Hear What I Hear? 5 TED Talks on the Importance of Effective Communication

No matter who you ask about relationships, both personal and in the business world, most will stress communication as being a key to success. This is especially true if you’re leading a team or company. More than half of all employees (Links to an external site.) report having left a job due to bad leadership (Links to an external site.) . Keep reading for five of the best Ted talks on the importance of effective communication.

  1. Uri Hasson: This Is Your Brain on Communication

Uri Hasson’s talk (Links to an external site.) : This Is Your Brain on Communication, breaks down exactly why communication is essential for getting your team on board with your vision. He discusses the science behind communication and explains how you can harness its power and lead a team to new heights by understanding the importance of effective communication skills. Hasson teaches us more about why we communicate and that our ability to do so relies on our ability to have common ground.

  1. Celeste Headlee: Ten Way to Have a Better Conversation

The importance of effective communication is Celeste Headlee’s (Links to an external site.) main focus in her TedTalk: Ten Ways to Have a Better Conversation. She shares ten methods to more effective and enjoyable conversations and how to capitalize on the impact these conversations can have.

  1. Mike Robbins: The Power of Appreciation

The difference between recognition and appreciation is explained as we learn the power of appreciation (Links to an external site.) in this Mike Robbins Tedx Bellvue talk. He entertains while promoting the importance of effective communication when expressing appreciation. He provides research examples of how appreciation in the workplace can increase profit, raise company morale and deepen employee loyalty. A happy employee, who feels appreciated, is a more productive member of the team and more likely to share ideas or concerns. Appreciating what individuals bring to the table allows a team to utilize each members strengths, making the entire team more efficient and more confident. It is estimated an average of 500 billion dollars (Links to an external site.) is lost in US companies due to unproductive employees. Imagine how much you may be losing every time you don’t appreciate an employee for a job well done.

  1. Adam Galinsky: How To Speak Up For Yourself

We learn from Adam Gilinsky’s (Links to an external site.) Tedx Talk: How To Speak Up For Yourself, that you can defuse almost any situation when you have good observation skills and understand the importance of effective communication. He hits the point home by sharing amusing examples and stories. In one a bank teller turns a robber into a loan applicant through the power of observation and persuasive communication skills. It is possible to inspire coworkers and employees to succeed by speaking up for yourself and those around you. Observing what a person does and more importantly doesn’t say, can be a powerful tool in understanding and motivating others.

  1. Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Communication isn’t just about what you say. Body language often says more than we realize. Amy Cuddy explores (Links to an external site.) the messages we send by how we carry ourselves and why those messages are just as important as the words we use. Learning to recognize the visual messages we send and to interpret those we receive can change the way we understand and interact with others.