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writing about the american movie “CRUSH” 2204.

I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study.

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writing about the american movie “CRUSH” 2204.
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Hi, A. .Watch the film with a critical eye. Think of the concepts that we have learned in class. Draw upon the knowledge from the textbook as well as class discussion.CRASH rev 4. 19.doc . (Crush 2004).

B. Each question should be answered with a paragraph of at least 4 sentences.

There should not be any one

sentence answers.This is for you to take some notes while watching the film

If you have seen the movie before, did seeing it again change your perspective or did you see anything new?If you are seeing crash for the 1st time, what is your perspective? I am not asking whether you LIKED the movie

or not. I am asking you “What did the movie make you think of?”

  • What was the role of the perception process for the characters in the movie? Think about-what are the elements of the perception process? -selection-organization-interpretation. What impacts this process?
  • What character did you have empathy for or identify with and why?
  • Was there a time when you felt like you were not listened to?How did it make you feel?
  • One character says, “You think you know who you are. You have no idea”. Do you agree or disagree? When did this take place in the movie?
  • What is the message or theme of the Crash?
  • Are there any “good guys” or heroes in this movie?Who?Why or why not??
  • Would you recommend Crash to other people?Why or why not?
  • Identify three concepts from the reading or class discussion as they appear in the film. Define and describe the concept and explain how a scene or theme in the movie illustrated that concept. As you think about that concept, what are the characters doing?Some questions to consider-How are the characters talking to one another?What does the nonverbal communication tell you about the interaction?What does the nonverbal communication employed by the filmmakers show us as the audience about the characters or situation?For example, you could discuss Self Concept. You would discuss how you saw the characters self-concept. How did it develop? How did it influence behavior and communication? These should be fully formed paragraphs