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writing assignment of Government in College

I’m studying and need help with a Political Science question to help me learn.

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writing assignment of Government in College
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Paper Requirements

The questions in the file, so please open it, and follow the instruction, and below is requirements

Part #1must be 3 complete pages (maximum 4). Important: the amount of information you provide to answer each question must be well balanced.

Part #2 must be 1complete page and part #3 must be 1 complete page.

Include a Works Cited page at the end.

All pages must be put together in one document. You will only be allowed to upload one document.

All assignments must be done using Microsoft Word. MLA format, double-spaced, 1x1x1x1 margins; Arial font size 12; minimum of 3 reliable sources; do not use Wikipedia; plagiarism will not be tolerated. Your paper must be well organized. Submit your assignment via D2L.Assignments emailed directly to me will not be accepted.